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Edinburgh Cycle Hire will use cookies on its website. Cookies store data in your browser when you visit a website. You can choose to turn off cookies, but we do not recommend it.

Edinburgh Cycle Hire will use cookies for the following items:

  • Giving you the same language each time you visit the website, based on what you have selected.
  • Making sure that you keep the link to saved when you move between different sites, which is especially important if you’re going to purchase a subscription or gift certificate.
  • Making sure that we know who you are if you contact customer service several times. For this service we use Intercom.
  • Logging how you move through the website so that we can – without identifying individuals – see through statistics how is used, and how we can make improvements. This is logged using Google Analytics, which is the most common method for this.

Below are some the technical details of the cookies Edinburgh Cycle Hire store:

locale: remembering which language you have selected.

(cookies starting with) intercom: recognising you as the same user when you contact customer service via chat.

(cookies starting with) _ga: building anonymous statistics about how is used.