Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Quick summary:

  • The gift card is only valid for Edinburgh Cycle Hire (Just Eat Cycles)
  • The person buying the gift card(s) have the responsibility to send the value code to the recipient. The recipient has not accept terms of use to start riding our city bikes.
  • You cannot get a refund after buying a gift card, including in the case where the gift card was never redeemed.

1.0 The value codes can only be redeemed for Just Eat Cycles, and not for other city bicycle systems operated by Seller, unless otherwise explicitly stated.

1.1 The value codes can only be redeemed within the time the product is valid, as described in the purchase information.

1.2 Buyer receives a value code via e-mail after the value code is paid in full. It is the buyer's responsibility to send or give the value code to the recipient.

1.3 The recipient must redeem the code and, if necessary, register as a member of Just Eat Cycles or in the app.

1.4 The recipient must accept the terms of use in order to use the service, which includes, for example, being 18 years old, or authorized by the city to use a city bike.

1.5 The value code cannot be exchanged for cash.

1.6 The buyer cannot cancel or return the gift card after purchase and acknowledges that this agreement is fulfilled by both parties.

1.7 These Terms may change from time to time. Just Eat Cycles archives all versions of the terms. If you would like to know which version was applicable at a certain time, please contact

For questions about the conditions, contact us at