How it works - Just Eat Cycles

How it works

The most efficient way to get around Edinburgh is on a bike. Cycle Hire bikes are primarily used for short rides and as a supplement to public transport.

First off: buy a pass

Download the app for iPhone or Android (search for just eat cycles), then sign up. There are 3 passes available:

  • £1.50 for a single trip of up to 1 hour – each 30 minutes thereafter is £1 extra.
  • £3 for a day pass, allowing unlimited journeys of up to 1 hour each in a 24 hour period.
  • For £90 you can sign up for an annual membership, allowing unlimited ‘1 hour’ hires for 365 days

You can enable extended rental for all the passes, enabling longer journeys over an hour at an additional cost of £1 per 30 minutes.

You can also sign up and buy a pass through the web site at, but you will still need the app to use the scheme.

Find a bike

You can find the closest available bike in the app. A bike can be unlocked and returned 24 hours a day.


Tap “unlock” in the app when you’re close to a station. It will then tell you which bike is yours.


Ride as much as you want, up to 60 minutes at a time. The app watches the time for you. You can extend the rental for £1 per 30 minutes.


You can return your bike to any station at any time. The closest available docks are shown in the app.

Lock the bike

At a physical station with docking points

Push the bike into the dock until it's locked. The front light will turn green and the bike will make a confirmation sound. Check for confirmation in the app, and it will also tell you a little more about your journey.

At a virtual station indicated by markings on the ground

Park the bike on its stand within the markings and then press the ‘end my ride’ button on the app. The front light will turn blue and then you can push down the lever on the right hand side of the lock. Make sure it is all the way down and secured. If it doesn’t easily go down just wiggle the front wheel a little, it is probably touching a spoke.

You will know when the bike is locked, the front light will turn green and the bike will make a confirmation sound. Check for confirmation in the app and to see your journey details.